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Ma-achathi Ma-adai Ma-ada-i Ma-adiah
Ma-ai Ma-aleh-acrabbim Ma-aseiah
Ma-asiai Ma-aziah Ma-lele-el or Mahalale-el
Maacah Maachah Maarath
Maath Maaz Macaerus
Maccabees Maccabees, Books of Macedonia
Mach-bana-i Machbenah Machi
Machir Machirites, The Machna-deba-i
Machpelah Mada-i Madian
Madmannah Madmen Madmenah
Madness Madon Magadan
Magbish Magdala Magdi-el
Magi Magic, Magicians Magog
Magor-missabib Magpiash Mahalah
Mahalale-el Mahalath (1) Mahalath (2)
Mahalath (3) Mahali Mahanaim
Mahaneh-dan Mahara-i Mahath
Mahavite, The Mahazioth Maher-shalal-hash-baz
Mahlah Mahli Mahlon
Mahol Makaz Makheloth
Makkedah Maktesh Malchi-shua
Malchus Mallothi Mallows
Malluch Mamaias Mammon
Mamre Man Manaen
Manahath (1) Manahath (2) Manahetbites
Manasseh (1) Manasseh (2) Manasses
Manassites, The Mandrakes Maneh
Manger Manna Manoah
Manslayer Mantle Maoch
Maon Maonites, The Mara
Marah Maralah Maranatha
Marble Marcheshvan Marcus
Mareshah or Mareshah Mark Mark, Gospel of
Market of Appius Market-places Maroth
Marriage Mars Hill Marsena
Martha Mary (1) Mary Magdalene
Mary the virgin Mary, mother of Mark Mary, sister of Lazarus
Maschil Mash Mashal
Masrekah Massa Massah
Mathusala Matred Matri
Mattan Mattanah Mattaniah
Mattathah Mattathias Mattenai
Matthan Matthat Matthew
Matthew, Gospel of Matthias Mattithiah
Mattock Maul Mauzzim
Mazzaroth Me-jarkon Meadow
Meah Meals Mearah
Measures Meat Meat offering
Mebunna-i Mecherathite, The Medad
Medan Medeba Medes, Media
Median, The Medicine Megiddo
Mehetabe-el Mehetabel Mehida
Mehir Meholathite, The Mehujael
Mehuman Mehunim Mehunims, The
Mekonah Melatiah Melchi
Melchi-shua Melchiah Melchisedec
Melchizedek Melea Melech
Melicu Melita Melons
Melzar Memphis Memucan
Menahem Menan Mene
Meni Menna Meonenim
Meonotha-i Mepha-ath Mephibosheth
Merab Meraiah Meraioth
Merari, Merarites Merathaim Mercurius
Mercury Mercy-seat Mered
Meremoth Meres Meribah
Meribba-a Merodach Merodach-baladan
Merom Meronothithe, The Meroz
Mesech, Meshech Mesha Meshach
Meshelemiah Meshezabe-el Meshillemith
Meshillemoth Meshullam Meshullemeth
Mesoba-ite, The Mesopotamia Messiah
Messias Metals Metheg-ammah
Methusael Methuselah Meunim
Meuzai Mezahab Miamin
Mibhar Mibsam Mibzar
Micah Micah, The book of Micaiah
Micha Michael Michah
Michaiah Michal Michmas or Michmash
Michmethah Michri Michtam
Middin Midian Migdal-el
Migdal-gad Migdol Migron
Mijamin Mikloth Mikneiah
Milalai Milcah Milcom
Mile Miletus Milk
Mill Millet Millo
Millo, The house of Mines, Mining Miniamin
Minister Minni Minnith
Minstrel Mint Miphkad
Miracles Miriam Mirma
Mirror Misgab Mishael
Mishal or Misheal Misham Mishma
Mishmannah Mishraites, The Mispereth
Misrephoth-maim Mite Mithcah
Mithnite, The Mithredath Mitre
Mitylene Mixed multitude Mizar
Mizpah Mizpar Mizpeh
Mizra-im or Mizraim Mizzah Mnason
Mo-adiah Moab Moabite Stone, The
Modin Moladah Mole
Molech Moli Molid
Moloch Money Money-changers
Month Moon Moon, New
Morasthite, The Mordeca-i Moreh
Moresheth-gath Moriah Mortar (1)
Mortar (2) Moserah Moses
Moth Mother Mount
Mount, Mountain Mountain of the Amorites Mourning
Mouse Mowing Moza
Mozah Mulbury trees Mule
Muppim Murder Mushi
Music Musical instruments of the Hebrews Mustard
Muth-labben Myra Myrrh
Myrtle Mysia

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