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Dabareh Dabbasheth Daberath
Dagon Dala-iah Dalmanutha
Dalmatia Dalphon Damaris
Damascus Dan Dan-jaan
Dance (1) Dance (2) Daniel
Daniel, Apocryphal additions to Danites, The Dannah
Dara Daric Darius
Darkness Darkon Dates
Dathan Daughter David
Day Daysman Deacon
Deaconess Dead Sea Dearth
Debir (1) Debir (2) Deborah
Debtor Dedan Dedanim
Deer Degrees, Songs of Dehavites
Dekar Delaiah Delilah
Deluge Demas Demetrius
Demon Demoniacs Denarius
Deputy Derbe Desert
Deuel or De-uel Deuteronomy Devil
Dew Diadem Dial
Diamond Diana Diblaim
Diblath Dibon Dibon-gan
Dibri Didrachmon Didymus
Diklah Dilean Dimnah
Dimon Dimonah Dinah
Dinaites Dinhabah Dionysius
Diotrephes Disciple Diseases
Dishan Dishon Dispersion
Divination Divorce Dizahab
Doda-i Dodanim Dodavah
Dodo Doeg Dog
Doors Dophkah Dor
Dorcas Dositheus Dotha-im
Dothan Dove Doves dung
Dowry Drachm Dragon
Dram Dreams Dress
Dromedary Drusilla Dulcimer
Dumah Dung Dungeon
Dura Dust

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