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zithri in Easton's Bible Dictionary

the Lord protects, a Levite, son of Uzziel (Ex. 6:22).

zithri in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(protection of Jehovah), properly Sithri; one of the sons of Uzziel the son of Kohath. #Ex 6:22| In #Ex 6:21| Zithri should be Zichri, as in Authorized Version of 1611.

zithri in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ZITH'RI (protection of Jehovah), a Levite. Ex 6:22.

zithri in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Hebrew SITHRI. Son of Uzziel, son of Kobath (Exodus 6:22); in verse 21 for Zithri read Zichri.