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zerahiah Summary and Overview

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zerahiah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(Jehovah has risen). 1. A priest, son of Uzzi and ancestor of Ezra the scribe. #1Ch 6:6,51; Ezr 7:4| 2. Father of Elihoenai of the sons of Pahath-moab, whose descendants returned from the captivity with Ezra. #Ezr 8:4|

zerahiah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ZERAHI'AH (whom Jehovah caused to he born). 1. A priest of the line of Eleazar. 1 Chr 6:6, 1 Chr 6:51; Ezr 7:4. 2. One whose descendants returned from Babylon with Ezra. Ezr 8:4.

zerahiah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A priest, son of Uzzi; ancestor of Ezra