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zenas in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a disciple called "the lawyer," whom Paul wished Titus to bring with him (Titus 3:13). Nothing more is known of him.

zenas in Smith's Bible Dictionary

a believer, and, as may be inferred from the context, a preacher of the gospel, who is mentioned in #Tit 3:13| in connection with Apollos. He is further described as "the lawyer." It is impossible to determine whether Zenas was a Roman jurisconsult or a Jewish doctor.

zenas in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ZE'NAS , a Christian whom Paul wished Titus to bring along with him. Tit 3:13.

zenas in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Contracted for Zenodorus. Titus 3:13. A "lawyer," i.e. Jewish scribe, learned in the Hebrew law, who after conversion still retained the title. Paul commends him to Titus, that he should bring Zenas and Apollos on their journey diligently, so that nothing might be wanting to them of necessaries.