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zelzah Summary and Overview

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zelzah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(shadow), a place named once only, #1Sa 10:2| as on the boundary of Benjamin close to Rachel's sepulchre, five miles southwest of Jerusalem.

zelzah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ZEL'ZAH (shade from the sun), a place in Benjamin not far from Rachel's tomb. 1 Sam 10:2; identified by several writers (although Grove disputes the identification) with the little village of Biet Jala about a mile west of Rachel's tomb and 3 miles south-west of Jerusalem. Perhaps Zelah was the same place.

zelzah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1 Samuel 10:2. On Benjamin's boundary, close to Rachel's sepulchre. The first point of Saul's homeward journey after his being anointed by Samuel.