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zalmunna in Easton's Bible Dictionary

one of the two kings of Midian whom the "Lord delivered" into the hands of Gideon. He was slain afterwards with Zebah (Judg. 8:5-21). (See ZEBAH T0003882.)

zalmunna in Smith's Bible Dictionary


zalmunna in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ZALMUN'NA (shelter denied to one?), one of the two kings of Midian slain by Gideon. Jud 8:5-21; Ps 83:11.

zalmunna in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

One of the two kings (kings, malkeey as distinguished from the princes, sareey) slain by Gideon for having slain Gideon's brothers in cold blood (Judges 8:18; Judges 8:5; Judges 8:12; Judges 8:26). (See GIDEON.) The term in Joshua 13:21 is "princes" (nesi'); zekenim "sheikhs" in Numbers 22:4; Numbers 22:7 "elders," "kings" Numbers 31:8.