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tower in Smith's Bible Dictionary

Watch-towers or fortified posts in frontier or exposed situations are mentioned in Scripture, as the tower of Edar, etc., #Ge 35:21; Isa 21:5,8,11; Mic 4:8| etc.; the tower of Lebanon. #2Sa 8:6| Besides these military structures, we read in Scripture of towers built in vineyards as an almost necessary appendage to them. #1Sa 5:2; Mt 22:33; Mr 12:1| Such towers are still in use in Israel in vineyards, especially near Hebron, and are used as lodges for the keepers of the vineyards.

tower in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

TOWER . Matt. 21:33. Towers were common in vineyards, Isa 5:2, and are often seen at the present day. They are sometimes 30 feet square and 60 feet high, and are a kind of pleasure-house, serving as a shelter for the watchmen and as a summer retreat for the owner, affording an extensive prospect and fresh air.