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shavsha in Easton's Bible Dictionary

("Seraiah," 2 Sam. 8:17; "Shisha," 1 Kings 4:3), one of David's secretaries (1 Chr. 18:16).

shavsha in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(nobility), the royal secretary in the reign of David, #1Ch 18:16| called also SERAIAH in #2Sa 8:17| and SHEVA in #2Sa 20:25| end in #1Ki 4:3| SHISHA.

shavsha in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHAV'SHA (warrior of Jehovah), the scribe or secretary to David, 1 Chr 18:16; called also Seraiah and Shisha.

shavsha in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

David's scribe or secretary of state (1 Chronicles 18:16). SERAIAH in 2 Samuel 8:17. SHISHA in 1 Kings 4:3. SHEVA in 2 Samuel 20:25.