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riddle in Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Heb. hodah). The oldest and, strictly speaking, the only example of a riddle was that propounded by Samson (Judg. 14:12-18). The parabolic prophecy in Ezek. 17:2-18 is there called a "riddle." It was rather, however, an allegory. The word "darkly" in 1 Cor. 13:12 is the rendering of the Greek enigma; marg., "in a riddle."

riddle in Smith's Bible Dictionary

It is known that all ancient nations, and especially Orientals, were fond of riddles. The riddles which the queen of Sheba came to ask of Solomon, #1Ki 10:1; 2Ch 9:1| were rather "hard questions" referring to profound inquiries. Solomon is said, however, to have been very fond of riddles. Riddles were generally proposed in verse, like the celebrated riddle of Samson. #Jud 14:14-19|

riddle in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

RID'DLE . The Orientals have always been fond of such exercises of ingenuity as were requisite to answer riddles. Hence it was quite in the order of things that Samson should propose one. See Samson's riddle. Jud 14:12-19. Ezekiel's riddle, Eze 17:2, was rather an allegory.

riddle in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Hebrew chidah proverbs, Judges 14:12-19; Greek enigma; 1 Corinthians 13:12, "darkly," literally, "in enigma," "an obscure allegory" (Augustine). frontPROVERBS.)