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rei in Easton's Bible Dictionary

friendly, one who maintained true allegiance to king David (1 Kings 1:8) when Adonijah rebelled.

rei in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(friendly), a person mentioned (in #1Ki 1:8| only) as having remained firm to David's cause when Adonijah rebelled. (B.C. 1015.)

rei in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

RE'I (friendly), one who remained true to David when Adonijah rebelled. 1 Kgs 1:8.

rei in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Remained faithful to David in Adonijah's rebellion. Ewald makes Rei as Shimei, David's brother. Raddad (1 Kings 1:8). Jerome (Quaest. Hebrew) makes him "Hiram the Zairite," i.e. "Ira the Jairite."