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ramath of the south Summary and Overview

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ramath of the south in Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Heb. Ramath-negeb). The Heb. negeb is the general designation for south or south-west of Judah. This was one of the towns of Simeon (Josh. 19:8). It is the same as "south Ramoth" (1 Sam. 30:27; R.V., "Ramoth of the south"). Its site is doubtful. Some have thought it another name for Baalath-beer.

ramath of the south in Smith's Bible Dictionary

one of the towns at the extreme south limit of Simeon. #Jos 19:8| It is in all probability the same place as south Ramoth. #1Sa 30:27|

ramath of the south in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

RA'MATH OF THE SOUTH , a place in the southern border of Simeon. Josh 19:8; 1 Sam 30:27. In the latter passage it is called "South Ramoth" to distinguish it from Ramoth beyond Jordan. It has been identified with Jehel Barabir, a hill 45 miles south-west of Beer-sheba, and also with Kurmul, 20 miles south-east of Beer-sheba; and lastly, with Tell el-Lekiyeh, near Beersheba.