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rakkon in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a place upon the shore, a town belonging to Dan (Josh. 19:46). It is now Tell er-Rakkeit, 6 miles north of Joppa, on the sea-shore, near the mouth of the river 'Aujeh, i.e., "yellow water." (See KANAH T0002155.)

rakkon in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(the temple) (of the head), a well-watered place in the inheritance of Dan, not fur from Joppa. #Jos 19:46|

rakkon in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

RAK'KON (thinness), a city of Dan, probably not far from Joppa. Josh 19:46. Conder claims to have recovered the site of Rakkon at Tell er-Rakkeit, on the shore north of Joppa. It is a high point covered by an accumulation of blown sand, and situated near the mouth of the turbid river Aujeh, or "yellow water."

rakkon in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A town of Dan, not far from Joppa; Yerakon in Septuagint (Joshua 19:46).