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rabsaris in Easton's Bible Dictionary

chief of the Heads, one of the three officers whom Sennacherib sent from Lachish with a threatening message to Jerusalem (2 Kings 18:17; Jer. 39:3, 13).

rabsaris in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(chief of the eunuchs). 1. An officer of the king of Assyria sent up with Tartan and Rabshakeh against Jerusalem in the time of Hezekiah. #2Ki 18:17| (B.C. 713.) 2. One of the princes of Nebuchadnezzar, who was present at the capture of Jerusalem, B.C. 588. #Jer 39:3,13| Rabsaris is probably rather the name of an office than of an individual.

rabsaris in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

RAB'SARIS (chief eunuch), the title of a high Assyrian or Babylonian officer. 2 Kgs 18:17; Jer 39:3, 2 Kgs 11:13. RAB'SHAKEH seems to be the name, not of a person, but of an officer - the chief butler or cupbearer - who was sent with Rab-saris, the chief of the eunuchs, and Tartan, messengers of the king of Assyria, to Hezekiah, summoning him, in the most indecent and blasphemous manner, to surrender his capital. 2 Kgs 18:17-37.

rabsaris in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. Sent by Sennacherib with Tartan and Rabshakeh against Jerusalem (2 Kings 18:17). ("chief eunuch"), often a minister of state or a commander in expeditions (margin, 2 Kings 25:19). 2. One of Nebuchadnezzar's princes at the taking of Jerusalem under Zedekiah (Jeremiah 39:3; Jeremiah 39:13); probably a title of Nebushasban, i.e. worshipper of Nebo. (See NEBUSHASBAN.)