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organ in Easton's Bible Dictionary

some kind of wind instrument, probably a kind of Pan's pipes (Gen. 4:21; Job 21:12; Ps. 150:4), which consisted of seven or eight reeds of unequal length.

organ in Smith's Bible Dictionary

#Ge 4:21; Job 21:12; 30:31; Ps 150:4| The Hebrew word thus rendered probably denotes a pipe or perforated wind-instrument. In #Ge 4:21| it appears to be a general term for all wind-instruments. In #Job 21:12| are enumerated three kinds of musical instruments which are possible under the general terms of the timbrel harp and oryan. Some identify it with the pandean pipe or syrinx an instrument of unquestionably ancient origin, and common in the East. [See Music]

organ in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

OR'GAN . Gen 4:21. The "organ," as it is called, is thought to have been what the ancient Greeks called the "pipe of Pan." It consisted of seven or more reeds of unequal length. These are still used by the shepherds of the East, and in skilful hands produce quite tolerable music.

organ in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

uwgab from agab "to blow." (See MUSIC.) A wind instrument, a perforated pipe. Pandean pipe or syrinx (still a pastoral instrument in Syria) as distinguished from the HARP, stringed instruments (Genesis 4:21; Job 21:12; Job 30:31; Psalm 150:4).