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nephtoah in Easton's Bible Dictionary

opened, a fountain and a stream issuing from it on the border between Judah and Benjamin (Josh. 15:8, 9; 18:15). It has been identified with 'Ain Lifta, a spring about 2 1/2 miles north-west of Jerusalem. Others, however, have identified it with 'Ain' Atan, on the south-west of Bethlehem, whence water is conveyed through "Pilate's aqueduct" to the Haram area at Jerusalem.

nephtoah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(opening), The water of. The spring or source of the water or (inaccurately) waters of Nephtoah was one of the landmarks in the boundary line which separated Judah from Benjamin. #Jos 15:9; 18:15| It lay northwest of Jerusalem in which direction, it seems to have been satisfactorily identified in Ain Lifta, a spring situated a little distance above the village of the same name.

nephtoah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

NEPH'TOAH (opening), THE WATER OF. The spring or source of the water of Nephtoah, was one of the landmarks between Judah and Benjamin. Josh 15:9; Josh 18:15. It has been located north-west of Jerusalem and identified with Ain Lifta, a spring situated a little distance above the village of the same name. But Conder makes it identical with Ain 'Atan, south-west of Bethlehem, and from whence an old aqueduct once led to the temple, and now at intervals supplies the Haram area at Jerusalem through Pilate's aqueduct.

nephtoah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

The source of the waters of Nephtoah was a landmark between Judah and Benjamin (Joshua 15:8-9; Joshua 18:15). N.W. of Jerusalem, in a line with the Hinnom valley and Kirjath Jearim, S.W. of Benjamin. Now probably Ain Lifta, two miles and a half from the city, and six from Kuriet el Enab (formerly Kirjath Jearim, but others say Emmaus and place Kirjath Jearim on the mount on the N. of which now Chesla is found; and identify Ain Karim with N.E. of wady Haninah; see Imperial Bible Dictionary).