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nehiloth in Easton's Bible Dictionary

only in the title of Ps. 5. It is probably derived from a root meaning "to bore," "perforate," and hence denotes perforated wind instruments of all kinds. The psalm may be thus regarded as addressed to the conductor of the temple choir which played on flutes and such-like instruments.

nehiloth in Smith's Bible Dictionary

The title of #Ps 5:1| in the Authorized Version is rendered "To the chief musician upon Nehiloth." It is most likely that nehiloth is the general term for perforated wind-instruments of all kinds, as neginoth denotes all manner of stringed instruments.

nehiloth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

NE'HILOTH , a word found at the beginning of the fifth Psalm. Its signification, "perforated," points to wind instruments, such as the flute. The title of the fifth Psalm may be thus translated: "A Psalm of David, addressed to the master of music, presiding over the flutes."

nehiloth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Title of Psalm 5, Gesenius explains, "upon the flutes," from chalil a "perforated instrument", chaalal ("to bore"); a direction "to the chief musician" that it was to be sung to wind instruments in the temple service; compare Psalm 87:7, "players on instruments," i.e. flute or pipe players (cholelim, Gesenius), "dancers" (Hengstenberg, from chuwl). Hengstenberg on Psalm 5 title objects, el ("upon") is never used to introduce the instruments. The title enigmatically and poetically expresses the subject. Septuagint translated "concerning the heiress"; so Vulgate. She is the church, possessing the Lord as her "inheritance" (Psalm 16:5), or possessed by Him as "His inheritance" (Deuteronomy 32:9). The plural "upon the inheritances" marks the plurality of members in the church; or else "upon the lots," namely, the twofold inheritances, blessing from God to the righteous, misery to the wicked.