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mizar in Easton's Bible Dictionary

smallness, a summit on the eastern ridge of Lebanon, near which David lay after escaping from Absalom (Ps. 42:6). It may, perhaps, be the present Jebel Ajlun, thus named, "the little", in contrast with the greater elevation of Lebanon and Hermon.

mizar in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(small), The hill, a mountain apparently in the northern part of transjordanic Israel, from which the author of Psalm 42 utters his pathetic appeal. ver. 6. (It is probably a summit of the eastern ridge of Lebanon, not far from Mahanaim, where David lay after escaping from the rebellion of Absalom. --McClintock and Strong.)

mizar in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

MI'ZAR (smallness), a hill named in Ps 42:6; possibly a summit or peak on the eastern ridge of Lebanon.

mizar in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("The mount of littleness.") (Psalm 42:6). A low peak in the northern part of trans-jordanic Israel. David in exile beyond Jordan, in the region of high hills as the Hermons, sighs for the Lord's hill, compared with whose spiritual elevation those physically great hills dwindle into littleness (Psalm 68:15; Psalm 68:18; Psalm 114:4-6; Isaiah 2:2).