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minnith in Easton's Bible Dictionary

distribution, an Ammonitish town (Judg. 11:33) from which wheat was exported to Tyre (Ezek. 27:17). It was probably somewhere in the Mishor or table-land on the east of Jordan. There is a gentle valley running for about 4 miles east of Dhiban called Kurm Dhiban, "the vineyards of Dibon." Tristram supposes that this may be the "vineyards" mentioned in Judg. (l.c.).

minnith in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(distribution), a place on the east of the Jordan, named as the point to which Jephthah's slaughter of the Ammonites extended. #Jud 11:33| The "wheat of Minnith" is mentioned in #Eze 27:17| as being supplied by Judah and Israel to Tyre; but there is nothing to indicate that the same place is intended, and indeed the word is believed by some not to be a proper name.

minnith in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

MIN'NITH (divisions), an Ammonitish place to which Jeplithah's victory extended, and from whence wheat was brought to Tyre. Jud 11:33; Eze 27:17; perhaps Minieh, south of Heshban.

minnith in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

An Ammonite city, the limit of Jephthah's slaughter, near "the plain (meadow) of vineyards," Abel Ceramim (Judges 11:33), afterwards belonging to Israel; famous for wheat (Ezekiel 27:17). At the fourth milestone from Heshbon to Philadelphia (Ammon); Eusebius, and Jerome, Onomasticon.