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mephaath Summary and Overview

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mephaath in Easton's Bible Dictionary

splendour, a Levitical city (Josh. 21:37) of the tribe of Reuben (13:18).

mephaath in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

MEPH'AATH (splendor, or lofty place), a Levitical city in Reuben, afterward belonging to Moab. Josh 13:18; Josh 21:37; 1 Chr 6:79; Jer 48:21. Jerome speaks of it as a military post, and it must have been one of the most easterly localities.

mephaath in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("beauty".) A town of Reuben (Joshua 13:17-18; Joshua 21:37); a dependency of Heshbon, N. of Amen, in the "downs" (mishor), the modern Belka (Jeremiah 48:21). Assigned to the Merarite Levites. Regained by Moab.