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meni in Easton's Bible Dictionary

Isa. 65:11, marg. (A.V., "that number;" R.V., "destiny"), probably an idol which the captive Israelites worshipped after the example of the Babylonians. It may have been a symbol of destiny. LXX., tuche.

meni in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fate, fortune). #Isa 65:11| This word is a proper name, and is also the proper name of an object of idolatrous worship cultivated by the Jews in Babylon.

meni in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ME'NI (fate, fortune), the marginal reading to Isa 65:11, a proper name designating some idol worshipped by the Jews in Babylon, but not yet identified with any known heathen god.

meni in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("numbered"), Chaldee. The first word of the mysterious handwriting (Daniel 5:25-26), "God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it," i.e. fixed its number of years, and that number is now complete. The doubling of "Mene" marks its awful certainty.