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libya in Easton's Bible Dictionary

the country of the Ludim (Gen. 10:13), Northern Africa, a large tract lying along the Mediterranean, to the west of Egypt (Acts 2:10). Cyrene was one of its five cities.

libya in Smith's Bible Dictionary

This name occurs only in #Ac 2:10| It is applied by the Greek and Roman writers to the African continent, generally, however, excluding Egypt.

libya in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

LIB'YA , occurring only in Eze 30:5 and Acts 2:10, is the classic name of Northern Africa, west of Egypt. It was inhabited by a Hamitic race, spoken of in the O.T. under the name of Lehabim or Lubim, which see.

libya in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Acts 2:10, "the parts of Libya about Cyrene;" not here the whole of Africa, but the province W. of Egypt, opposite Crete, including Cyrene, the Cyrenaica pentepolitana, containing the five cities Berenice, Arsinoe, Ptolemais, Apollonia, and Cyrene.