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laish in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a lion. (1.) A city of the Sidonians, in the extreme north of Israel (Judg. 18:7, 14); called also Leshem (Josh. 19:47) and Dan (Judg. 18:7, 29; Jer. 8:16). It lay near the sources of the Jordan, about 4 miles from Paneas. The restless and warlike tribe of Dan (q.v.), looking out for larger possessions, invaded this country and took Laish with its territory. It is identified with the ruin Tell-el-Kady, "the mound of the judge," to the north of the Waters of Merom (Josh. 11:5). (2.) A place mentioned in Isa. 10:30. It has been supposed to be the modern el-Isawiyeh, about a mile NE of Jerusalem. (3.) The father of Phalti (1 Sam. 25:44).

laish in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

LA'ISH (lion),father of Phaltiel, to whom Saul gave Michal, David's wife. 1 Sam 25:44;2 Sam 3:15.

laish in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Father of PHALTIEL (Saul's daughter, Michal's second husband) of GALLIM, a coincidence with the conjunction of the same names "Laish" and "Gallim" (Isaiah 10:30; 1 Samuel 25:44;2 Samuel 3:15).