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jozadak Summary and Overview

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jozadak in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(whom Jehovah has made just). #Ezr 3:2,8; 5:2; 10:18; Ne 12:26| The contracted form of Jehozadak.

jozadak in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JOZ'ADAK (whom Jehovah makes just), a contraction of Jehozadak; used in Ezr 3:2, 1 Kgs 15:8; Song of Solomon 5:2; Neh 10:18; Neh 12:26.

jozadak in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

= J EHOZADAK . Ezra 3:2,8; 5:2; 10:18; Nehemiah 12:26.