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joses in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(exalted). 1. Son of Eliezer, in the genealogy of Christ. #Lu 3:29| 2. One of the Lord's brethren. #Mt 13:55; Mr 6:3| 3. Joses Barnabas. #Ac 4:36| [BARNABAS]

joses in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JO'SES (whom Jehovah helps). 1. One of our Lord's brethren. Matt 13:55; Matt 27:56; Mark 6:3; Mark 15:40, Josh 15:47. See James, 2. 2. Acts 4:36. See Barnabas.

joses in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. (Luke 1:26,27). His faith appears in his immediate obedience to the divine vision in a dream, no longer fearing to take to him Mary his wife (Matthew 1:24,25). Soon afterward Augustus' decree for the taxation obliged both to go to Bethlehem where Jesus was born (Luke 2). There the shepherds "found Mary and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger." After the wise men's departure another dream from the Lord caused him to flee from Herod's murderous agents by night with mother and Child to Egypt, where he remained until the angel of the Lord in another dream intimated Herod's death, He arose and returned; but fearing Archelaus who reigned in Judaea, and warned of God in a fourth dream (the divine mode of revelation in the early stage of the kingdom of God, less perfect than those vouchsafed in the advance, stages), Joseph turned aside to his old home Nazareth. Joseph is mentioned as with Mary in presenting the Babe in the temple and as "marvelling at those things spoken of" Jesus by Simeon, and as "blessed" by him. Lastly, when Jesus was taken at 12 years of age to the temple and tarried behind, Joseph and His mother knew not of it; and Mary on finding Him said, "Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing." He replied, "Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business?" Henceforward there is no more mention of the earthly father, and the heavenly and true Father is all in all. He was a "carpenter," and doubtless instructed the holy Jesus in this work (Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3). Mary and Jesus' brethren are occasionally mentioned during His ministry, but Joseph never; evidently he had died previously, which Jesus' committal of the Virgin mother to John (John 19:27) confirms. Tradition hassupplied by fiction what the Gospels under the Spirit's guidance do not contain. 9. Of see ARIMATHEA . "An honourable counselor," i.e. member of the Sanhedrin (<411543> Mark 15:43). Joseph "waited for the kingdom of God"(Luke 2:25,38; 23:51), i.e. for Messiah and His kingdom, in accordance with prophecy. "A good man and a just." He had not consented to the Sanhedrin's counsel and deed in crucifying Jesus. Timidity was his failing. Mark was conscious of it; John (John 19:38) expressly records it, "a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews." Hence Mark records it as the more remarkable that "Joseph went in boldly unto Pilate and craved the body" just at a time when the boldest disciples might and did shrink from such a perilous venture. Feeble faith when real sometimes rises with the occasion, to face the most formidable dangers. The undesigned coincidence of Mark and John confirms their genuineness. The mighty ungenerous and deceitful characters; he reassured them by renouncing vengeance as God's prerogative not his (Romans 12:19), and by speaking kindly. Joseph lived to 110 years, of which 93 were spent in Egypt; seeing Ephraim's and Manasseh's grandchildren, and showing his faith to the end by still clinging amidst all his grandeur in Egypt to God's promise of his seed's settlement in Canaan and therefore commanding Israel on oath to carry his remains there (Hebrews 11:22). His body was embalmed, and in due time carried by Israel to Shechem his burying place (Exodus 13:19; Joshua 24:32; <440716> Acts 7:16). Ephraim and Manasseh followed the idolatries out of which their mother had come rather than the pure faith of Joseph. He is one of the most faultless human heroes of Scripture. Decision in good, yet versatility in adapting itself to all circumstances, strong sense of duty, strict justice combined with generosity, self-control in adversity and prosperity alike, strength of character with sensitive tenderness and delicacy, modesty and magnanimity, strong filial love, above all abiding faith in God, appear throughout his remarkable history. As a statesman he got men unconditionally into his power that he might benefit them, and displayed extraordinary administrative ability. 2. Numbers 13:7. 3. Ezra 10:42. 4. Nehemiah 12:14. 5. Luke 3:30. 6. Joseph or Josek (Luke 3:26). 7. Another (Luke 3:24). 8. Son of Heli, husband of the Virgin Mary, daughter and heiress of his uncle Jacob. The frequent recurrence of the name in Luke's see GENEALOGY and its absence from Matthew's confirm the view that Luke's gives Joseph's line of parentage down from Nathan, David's son, but Matthew's the line of succession to the throne. "A just" and yet (Matthew 1:19) merciful and tenderly considerate man. Recognized by his contemporaries as of David's lineage (Luke 2:4; Matthew 1:20; John 1:45). Joseph as well as Mary lived at Nazareth before their actual marriage; probably their common grandfather Matthat had settled there