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jonath-elem-rechokim Summary and Overview

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jonath-elem-rechokim in Easton's Bible Dictionary

dove of the dumbness of the distance; i.e., "the silent dove in distant places", title of Ps. 56. This was probably the name of some well known tune or melody to which the psalm was to be sung.

jonath-elem-rechokim in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(a dumb love of (in) distant places), a phrase found once only in the Bible, as a heading to the 56th psalm. Aben Ezra, who regards Jonath-elem-rechokim as merely indicating the modulation or the rhythm of the psalm, appears to come the nearest to the meaning of the passage.

jonath-elem-rechokim in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JO'NATH-E'LEM-RECHO'KIM (a dumb dove of distant places), part of the title to Ps. 56; not found elsewhere in the Bible. Most likely it was the name of some popular melody to which tune the Psalm was to be sung.