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joktheel in Easton's Bible Dictionary

subdued by God. (1.) A city of Judah near Lachish (Josh. 15, 38). Perhaps the ruin Kutlaneh, south of Gezer. (2.) Amaziah, king of Judah, undertook a great expedition against Edom (2 Chr. 25:5-10), which was completely successful. He routed the Edomites and slew vast numbers of them. So wonderful did this victory appear to him that he acknowledged that it could have been achieved only by the special help of God, and therefore he called Selah (q.v.), their great fortress city, by the name of Joktheel (2 Kings 14:7).

joktheel in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JOK'THEEL (subdued of God). 1. A city in the territory of Judah, and near Lachish, on the Philistine plain. Josh 15:38. 2. The name given to Sela after it was taken by Amaziah, 2 Kgs 14:7; 2 Chr 25:11-12; perhaps the stronghold of Petra. See Sela.

joktheel in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

= subdued by God. 1. A city in the low country of Judah (Joshua 15:38), called so probably front the triumph there of God's people over the idolatrous Canaanites (Judges 1:9,18); now the ruin Keitulaneh. 2. The name given to Selah or Petra (the rock), Edom's capital, by Amaziah king of Judah. Its capture brought Edom again under Judah for 80 years (2 Kings 14:7, where "unto this day" limits the date of 2 Kings to not beyond 80 years after Amaziah, 16:6; alt," S. of the Dead Sea, he threw 10,000 captives from the cliff (25:11-13).