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jogbehah Summary and Overview

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jogbehah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(lofty), one of the cities on the east of Jordan which were built and fortified by the tribe of Gad when they took possession of their territory. #Nu 32:35|

jogbehah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JOG'BEHAH (elevated), a place in the tribe of Gad, Num 32:35; Jud 8:11, east of the Jordan, and near where Gideon overcame Zebah and Zalmunna; it may be identical with Jebeiha, a ruin about 4 miles north of Amman.

jogbehah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A city E. of Jordan, fortified by Gad (Numbers 32:25). Jaazer (Jazer, one in Gilead) and Jogbehah, N.W. of Amman, between it and Es Salt, now Jebeiha, a ruin seven miles to the N. E., formed the second group of Gadite settlements. The first group was headed by Dibon. Chemosh Gad (=he whose good fortune is Chemosh) the father of Mesha was a Dibonite. The third Gadite settlement lay in the Jordan valley, W. of the second group, Beth Nimrah, etc. (Numbers 32:33-36).