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jetheth Summary and Overview

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jetheth in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a peg, or a prince, one of the Edomitish kings of Mount Seir (Gen. 36:40).

jetheth in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(a nail), one of the "dukes" who came of Esau. #Ge 36:40; 1Ch 1:51|

jetheth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JE'THETH (a nail), one of the dukes of Edom. Gen 36:40; 1 Chr 1:51.

jetheth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Genesis 36:40; 1 Chronicles 1:51. From an Arabic root "a nail" or "tent pin," symbolizing stability; "a prince" (Ezra 9:8; Isaiah 22:23).