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jerubbaal in Easton's Bible Dictionary

contender with Baal; or, let Baal plead, a surname of Gideon; a name given to him because he destroyed the altar of Baal (Judg. 6:32; 7:1; 8:29; 1 Sam. 12:11).

jerubbaal in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

(See GIDEON ). Judges 6:32 translated, "they (not Joash, but one, for the townsmen generally) called him Jeroboam, saying, Let Baal fight against him, because he hath thrown down his altar." They took up Joash's words: "he that will fight for Baal (seeking to put to death the destroyer of his altar) shall be put to death (himself; let us wait) TILL morning (to see, will Baal avenge his own wrong); let Baal fight for himself." When Baal did Gideon, no harm the title Jerub-Baal, the" Baal fighter," became an honourable one. Besheth, "shame," is substituted for the idol in Jerubbesheth (to comply literally with Exodus 23:13; 2 Samuel 11:21), as in Ishbosheth for Eshbaal (2 Samuel 2:8 ff;1 Chronicles 8:33; 9:39). Philo of Bybhs, in his revision of Sanehoniatho, calls him Hierombal, priest of Jeue, or Jahve, or Jehovah.