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jephunneh in Easton's Bible Dictionary

nimble, or a beholder. (1.) The father of Caleb, who was Joshua's companion in exploring Canaan (Num. 13:6), a Kenezite (Josh. 14:14). (2.) One of the descendants of Asher (1 Chr. 7:38).

jephunneh in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(for whom a way is prepared). 1. Father of Caleb the spy, appears to have belonged to an Edomitish tribe called Kenezites, from Kenaz their founder. See #Nu 13:6| etc.; Numb 32:12 etc.; Josh 14:14 etc.; 1Chr 4:15 (B.C. 1530.) 2. A descendant of Asher, eldest of the three sons of Jether. #1Ch 7:38| (B.C. 1017.)

jephunneh in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JEPHUN'NEH (may he be regarded with favor!). 1. The father of Caleb the spy, a Kenezite. Num 13:6; Josh 14:14; 1 Chr 4:15. 2. An Asherite chieftain. 1 Chr 7:38.