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jehucal Summary and Overview

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jehucal in Easton's Bible Dictionary

able, the son of Shelemiah. He is also called Jucal (Jer. 38:1). He was one of the two persons whom Zedekiah sent to request the prophet Jeremiah to pray for the kingdom (Jer. 37:3) during the time of its final siege by Nebuchadnezzar. He was accompanied by Zephaniah (q.v.).

jehucal in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(able), son of Shelemiah; one of two persons sent by King Zedekiah to Jeremiah to entreat his prayers and advice. #Jer 37:3| (B.C. 589.)

jehucal in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JE'HUCAL , or JU'CAL (potent), one of those whom Zedekiah the king sent to Jeremiah the prophet, and who afterward asked for the latter's death. Jer 37:3; Isa 38:1.

jehucal in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Son of Shelemiah; a prince sent by Zedekiah to consult and ask Jeremiah's prayers (Jeremiah 37:3; 38:1-4).