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japho in Easton's Bible Dictionary

beauty, a sea-port in Dan (Josh. 19:46); called Joppa (q.v.) in 2 Chr. 2:16; Ezra 3:7; Jonah 1:3; and in New Testament.

japho in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(beauty). #Joh 19:46| The Hebrew form for the better-known JOPPA. #2Ch 2:16; Ezr 3:7; Jon 1:3| In its modern garb it is Yafa.

japho in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JA'PHO . Josh 19:46. See Joppa.

japho in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Joshua 19:46. Joppa , now Jaffa (Jonah 1:3).