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jamin in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(right hand). 1. Second son of Simeon, (Gene 46:10; Exod 6:15; 1Chr 4:24 founder of the family of the Jaminites. #Nu 26:12| (B.C. 1706.) 2. A man of Judah, second son of Ram the Jerahmeelite. #1Ch 2:27| 3. One of the Levites who expounded the law to the people. #Ne 8:7| (B.C. 410.)

jamin in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JA'MIN (prosperity, right hand). 1. The second son of Simeon, founder of the Jaminites. Gen 46:10; Ex 6:15; 1 Chr 4:24; Num 26:12. 2. A man of Judah. 1 Chr 2:27. 3. A Levite who expounded the Law with Ezra. Neh 8:7.

jamin in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1 Chronicles 2:27. Nehemiah 8:7.