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jair in Easton's Bible Dictionary

enlightener. (1.) The son of Segub. He was brought up with his mother in Gilead, where he had possessions (1 Chr. 2:22). He distinguished himself in an expedition against Bashan, and settled in the part of Argob on the borders of Gilead. The small towns taken by him there are called Havoth-jair, i.e., "Jair's villages" (Num. 32:41; Deut. 3:14; Josh. 13:30). (2.) The eighth judge of Israel, which he ruled for twenty-two years. His opulence is described in Judg. 10:3-5. He had thirty sons, each riding on "ass colts." They had possession of thirty of the sixty cities (1 Kings 4:13; 1 Chr. 2:23) which formed the ancient Havoth-jair. (3.) A Benjamite, the father of Mordecai, Esther's uncle (Esther 2:5). (4.) The father of Elhanan, who slew Lahmi, the brother of Goliath (1 Chr. 20:5).

jair in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(enlightener). 1. A man who on his father's side was descended from Judah, and on his mother's from Manasseh. (B.C. 1451.) During, the conquest he took the whole of the tract of Argob #De 3:14| and in addition possessed himself of some nomad villages in Gilead, which he called after his own name Havoth-Jair. #Nu 32:41; 1Ch 2:23| 2. JAIR THE GILEADITE, who judged Israel for two-and-twenty years. #Jud 10:3-5| (B.C. 1160.) He had thirty sons, and possessed thirty cities in the land of Gilead, which like those of their namesakes were called Havoth-jair. 3. A Benjamite, son of Kish and father of Mordecai. #Es 2:5| (B.C. before 598.) 4. The father of Elhanan, one of the heroes of David's army. #1Ch 20:6|

jair in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JA'IR (whom Jehovah enlightens). 1. A chief warrior under Moses, descended from the most powerful family of Judah and Manasseh by his father and mother respectively. He took all the country of Argob (the modern Lejab) on the east side of Jordan, and, besides, some villages in Gilead, which he called Havoth-jair, "villages of Jair." 1 Chr 2:21-23; Num 32:41; Deut 3:14; comp. Josh 13:30. 2. Jair the Gileadite, who judged Israel 22 years. "He had thirty sons who rode on thirty ass-colts, and they had thirty cities, which are called Havothjair, which are in Gilead." Jud 10:3-5. 3. A Benjamite, father of Mordeeai. Esth 2:5. 4. In 1 Chr 20:5 in the A.V., Jair occurs, but it is a totally different name in Hebrew, meaning "whom God awakens." This Jair was the father of Elhanan, who killed Lachmi, the brother of Goliath. He is called Jaareoregim in 2 Sam 21:19.

jair in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

="splendid, shining." (See ARGOB and see BASHAN HAVOTH JAIR ). 1. On his father's side, of Judah; on his mother's side, of Manasseh. Son of Segub, who was son of Hezron by his third wife, daughter and heiress in part of Machir (father of Gilead) of Manasseh (1 Chronicles 2:21,22,23; Deuteronomy 3:14,15). His designation from his mother, not his father, was probably owing to his settling in Manasseh E. of Jordan. His brilliant exploit was, he took Argob or Trachonitis, the Lejah, and called from his own name certain villages or groups of tents ("kraals"), 23 originally, Havoth Jair (Numbers 32:41), afterward increased to 30 (Judges 10:4). 2. The Gileadite judge. His 30 sons rode 30 asses, and had 30 cities, the number to which the original Havoth Jair had grown. 3. A Benjamite, son of Kish, father of Mordecai (Esther 2:5). 4. A different Hebrew name, though in English Jair, or Jeer (Hebrew text or kethib). Father of Elhanan, one of David's heroes who slew Lahmi, Goliath's brother (1 Chronicles 20:5).