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iram in Easton's Bible Dictionary

citizen, chief of an Edomite tribe in Mount Seir (Gen. 36:43).

iram in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(belonging to a city), a leader of the Edomites, #Ge 36:43; 1Ch 1:54| i.e. the chief of a family or tribe. No identification of him has been found.

iram in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

I'RAM (watchful), an Edomite chieftain. Gen 36:43:1 Chr 1:54.

iram in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Genesis 37:43. The "kings" of Edom there enumerated (Genesis 37:31; Genesis 37:39) did not precede the "dukes" (Genesis 37:40-43), but reigned contemporaneously with them, and were elected by them at every vacancy in the throne. The names (Genesis 37:31-39) are probably those of the cities where the "dukes" named before (Genesis 37:15-19) had their seat of government; so that we should translated "duke of Magdiel, duke of Iram," etc. Timnah and Kenaz called their cities after their own names. The Horites were probably not finally destroyed immediately after Esau's settlement in their land, if we judge by the analogy of the conquest of Canaan (Deuteronomy 2:12; Deuteronomy 2:22).