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huram in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(noble born). 1. A Benjamite; son of Bela, the first-born of the patriarch. #1Ch 8:5| 2. The form in which the name of the king of Tyre in alliance with David and Solomon --and elsewhere given as HIRAM-- appears in Chronicles. #1Ch 14:1; 2Ch 2:3,11,12; 8:2,18; 9:10,21| 3. The same Change occurs in Chronicles in the name of Hiram the artificer, which is given as HURAM in #2Ch 2:13; 4:11,16| [HIRAM]

huram in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HU'RAM (noble-born). 1. A Benjamite, 1 Chr 8:5. 2. The form of the name Hiram which is used in Chronicles -both that of the king and the artificer.

huram in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1 Chronicles 8:5. (See HIRAM.)