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huldah in Easton's Bible Dictionary

weasel, a prophetess; the wife of Shallum. She was consulted regarding the "book of the law" discovered by the high priest Hilkiah (2 Kings 22:14-20; 2 Chr. 34:22-28). She resided in that part of Jerusalem called the Mishneh (A.V., "the college;" R.V., "the second quarter"), supposed by some to be the suburb between the inner and the outer wall, the second or lower city, Akra. Miriam (Ex. 15:20) and Deborah (Judg. 4:4) are the only others who bear the title of "prophetess," for the word in Isa. 8:3 means only the prophet's wife.

huldah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(weasel), a prophetess, whose husband, Shallum, was keeper of the wardrobe in the time of King Josiah. It was to her that Josiah had recourse, when Hilkiah found a book of the law, to procure an authoritative opinion on it. #2Ki 22:14; 2Ch 34:22| (B.C. 623.)

huldah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HUL'DAH (weasel), the wife of Shallum, and a well-known prophetess. When the book of the Law was found, Josiah sent to her to inquire of the Lord. Her answer is found in 2 Kgs 22:15-20. HUMIL'ITY is the opposite of pride, and one of the cardinal graces of the renewed heart. It consists in a man's not thinking of himself more highly than he ought to think, and in giving all glory to God alone. It is urged with great force upon all who profess to be Christ's disciples, 1 Pet 5:5. In this as in all other respects our divine Saviour's life furnishes us with a perfect example, Phil 2:5-8. The sacred Scriptures abound with promises of grace and favor to the humble and threatenings of sorrow and punishment to the proud.

huldah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

The prophetess consulted by Josiah when Hilkiah found the law. (See JOSIAH; HILKIAH.) Wife of Shallum, keeper of the wardrobe; living in the suburbs cokkege of Jerusalem. (See COLLEGE.)