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horonite in Easton's Bible Dictionary

the designation of Sanballat (Neh. 2:10, 19), a native of Horonaim, or of one of the two Beth-horons, the "upper" or the "nether," mentioned in Josh. 16:3,5.

horonite in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(native of Horonaim), The, the designation of Sanballat. #Ne 2:10,19; 13:28| It is derived by Gesenius from Horonaim.

horonite in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HOR'ONITE , THE, the designation, of uncertain derivation, given to Sanballat, the determined foe to Nehemiah. Neh 2:10, 1 Kgs 2:19; Neh 13:28. He may have come from Horonaim or Beth-horon.