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hophni in Easton's Bible Dictionary

pugilist or client, one of the two sons of Eli, the high priest (1 Sam. 1:3; 2:34), who, because he was "very old," resigned to them the active duties of his office. By their scandalous conduct they brought down a curse on their father's house (2:22, 12-27, 27-36; 3:11-14). For their wickedness they were called "sons of Belial," i.e., worthless men (2:12). They both perished in the disastrous battle with the Philistines at Aphek (4:11). (See PHINEHAS T0002941.)

hophni in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(pugilist) and PHINEHAS (brazen mouth), the two sons of Eli, who fulfilled their hereditary sacerdotal duties at Shiloh. Their brutal rapacity and lust, #1Sa 2:12-17,22| filled the people with disgust and indignation, and provoked the curse which was denounced against their father's house, first by an unknown prophet, #1Sa 2:27-36| and then by Samuel. ch. #1Sa 3:11-14| They were both cut off in one day in the flower of their age, and the ark which they had accompanied to battle against the Philistines was lost on the same occasion. #1Sa 4:10,11| (B.C. 1130.)

hophni in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HOPH'NI (a fighter), and PHIN'EHAS (brazen-mouthed), the two sons of Eli, united in their office, their crimes, and their death. They are examples of the evils of lax family government. They were licentious, exacting, and impious. They were slain in the battle when the ark of God was taken. See 1 Sam 1:3; 1 Sam 2:12-17, 1 Sam 2:22-26, 1 Sam 2:34; 1 Sam 4:11. See Eli.