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hazarmaveth in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(court of death), the third in order of the sons of Joktan #Ge 10:26| The name is preserved in the Arabic Hadramawt and Hadrumawl, the appellation of a province and an ancient people of southern Arabia. The capital is Satham, a very ancient city, and its chief ports are Mirbat, Zafari and Kisheem, from whence a great trade was carried on in ancient times with India and Africa.

hazarmaveth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HA'ZARMA'VETH (court of death), the third of Joktan's sons. Gen 10:26; 1 Chr 1:20. He was the progenitor of the inhabitants of modern Hadramaut, a province in South-eastern Arabia. This province abounds in frankincense and myrrh, but the climate is very unhealthy; whence its singular name.

hazarmaveth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("the court of death") Third of Joktan's sons (Genesis 10:26). Hadramaut, a province in S.E. of Arabia, abounding in myrrh and frankincense, but deadly in climate, whence it derives its name. Called Atramitae by the Romans and Greeks. The most powerful of the Arab tribes. Between the modern Yemen which lies on the W. and the Mahra country. Shibam is its capital.