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hareth in Easton's Bible Dictionary

thicket, a wood in the mountains of Judah where David hid when pursued by Saul (1 Sam. 22:5). It was possibly while he was here that the memorable incident narrated in 2 Sam. 23:14-17, 1 Chr. 11:16-19 occurred. This place has not been identified, but perhaps it may be the modern Kharas, on the borders of the chain of mountains some 3 miles east of Keilah.

hareth in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(thicket), The forest of, in which David took refuge, after at the instigation of the prophet Gad, he had quitted the "hold" or fastness of the cave of Adullam. #1Sa 22:6|

hareth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HA'RETH (thicket?), a forest of Judah to which David fled from Saul, 1 Sam 22:5. Conder supposes that by a transposition of letters it should read "the city of Hareth" (?), as in Josephus and in two important manuscripts, and finds the site of the place in the small modern village of Kharas, on the north side of Wady Arneba, near Kilch (Keilah).