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hanoch in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(dedicated). 1. The third in order of the children of Midian. #Ge 25:4| 2. Eldest son of Reuben, #Ge 46:9; Ex 6:14; Nu 26:5; 1Ch 5:3| and founder of the family of the Hanochites. #Nu 26:5|

hanoch in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HA'NOCH (initiated). 1. A son of Midian, Gen 25:4; called Henoch. 1 Chr 1:33. 2. Eldest son of Reuben; founder of the family of the Hanochites. Gen 46:9; Ex 6:14; Num 26:5.

hanoch in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. Genesis 25:4. HENOCH, 1 Chronicles 1:33. 2. Genesis 46:9; Exodus 6:14; Numbers 26:5. From him sprung the HANOCHITES.