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hamul Summary and Overview

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hamul in Easton's Bible Dictionary

spared, one of the sons of Pharez, son of Judah (1 Chr. 2:5). His descendants are called Hamulites (Num. 26:21).

hamul in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(pitied), the younger son of Pharez, Judah's son by Tamar. #Ge 46:12; 1Ch 2:5| (B.C. between 1706-1688.)

hamul in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HA'MUL (pitied), the younger son of Pharez, and ancestor of the Hamulites. Gen 46:12; 1 Chr 2:5; Num 26:21.

hamul in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Genesis 46:12. The HAMULITES sprang from him (Numbers 26:21).