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hammath in Easton's Bible Dictionary

warm springs, one of the "fenced cities" of Naphtali (Josh. 19:35). It is identified with the warm baths (the heat of the water ranging from 136 degrees to 144 degrees) still found on the shore a little to the south of Tiberias under the name of Hummam Tabariyeh ("Bath of Tiberias").

hammath in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(warm springs), one of the fortified cities in the territory allotted to Naphtali. #Jos 19:35| It was near Tiberias, one mile distant, and had its name Chammath, "hot baths," because it contained those of Tiberias. In the list of Levitical cities given out of Naphtali, #Jos 21:32| the name of this place seems to be given as HAMMOTH-DOR.

hammath in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HAM'MATH (warm springs), a fortified city in Naphtali, Josh 19:35, and probably identical with Hummam, or "Warm Springs," about 1 mile south of Tiberias. It is still noted for its hot, sulphurous waters, which are too nauseous to drink, but are used for bathing and are regarded as possessing great medicinal qualities. The walls of an old town can be traced near the baths. Hammath is probably Ihe same as Hammon, No. 2, and as Hammothdor.

hammath in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A fortified city in Naphtali (Joshua 19:35). ("hot baths"), namely, of Tiberias. Three hammam still send up hot sulphureous waters about a mile S. of the modern town, at the extremity of the ancient ruins. In Joshua 21:32 it appears as the Gershonite Levite city of refuge, HAMMOTH DOR. In 1 Chronicles 6:76 HAMMON, Hammam Tubariyeh (Chabas).