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en-rimmon in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fount of the pomegranate), one of the places which the men of Judah reinhabited after their return from the captivity. #Ne 11:29| Perhaps the same as "Ain and Rimmon," #Jos 15:32| and "Ain, Remmon," #Jos 19:7| and see #1Ch 4:32|

en-rimmon in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EN-RIM'MON (fountain of the pomegranate), perhaps the same as Ain and Rimmon, Josh 15:32, and Ain Remmon, Josh 19:7. and Ain Rimmon. 1 Chr 4:32; Neh 11:29. Van de Velde and Wilton place it at Um er-Rumamin, between Eleutheropolis and Beer-sheba, where there is a large spring.