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elpaal in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(God his wages), a Benjamite, son of Hushim and brother of Abitub. #1Ch 8:11| He was the founder of numerous family.

elpaal in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EL'PAAL (God his wages), a Beniamite whose descendants built some towns. 1 Chr 8:11, 1 Chr 8:12, 1 Chr 8:18.

elpaal in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A Benjamite. Hushim's son; Ahitub's brother. His descendants lived near Lod or Lydda, on the Benjamite hills bordering on Dan, at Ajalon (Yalo). Hushim was the name of a Danite family, so that the two tribes must have intermarried (1 Chronicles 8:11-18).