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doctor in Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Luke 2:46; 5:17; Acts 5:34), a teacher. The Jewish doctors taught and disputed in synagogues, or wherever they could find an audience. Their disciples were allowed to propose to them questions. They assumed the office without any appointment to it. The doctors of the law were principally of the sect of the Pharisees. Schools were established after the destruction of Jerusalem at Babylon and Tiberias, in which academical degrees were conferred on those who passed a certain examination. Those of the school of Tiberias were called by the title "rabbi," and those of Babylon by that of "master."

doctor in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

DOCTOR . Doctors or teachers of the law were those who made it their business or profession to teach the Law of Moses, and they were in great repute among the Jews. Luke 2:46. Some have distinguished the scribes from the doctors by supposing that the former wrote their opinions, while the latter taught extemporaneously. The doctors were generally of the sect of the Pharisees, perhaps always. Luke 5:17. The word "teachers" came into early use among Christians as a title to those who taught the doctrines of the faith, 1 Cor 12:28, and hence was afterward applied to those who became eminent for their learning and aptness in teaching.