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bush in Easton's Bible Dictionary

in which Jehovah appeared to Moses in the wilderness (Ex. 3:2; Acts 7:30). It is difficult to say what particular kind of plant or bush is here meant. Probably it was the mimosa or acacia. The words "in the bush" in Mark 12:26; Luke 20:37, mean "in the passage or paragraph on the bush;" i.e., in Ex. 3.

bush in Smith's Bible Dictionary

The Hebrew word seneh occurs only in those passages which refer to Jehovah's appearance to Moses "in the flame of fire in the bush." #Ex 3:2,3,4; De 33:16| It is quite impossible to say what kind of thorn bush is intended; but it was probably the acacia a small variety of the shittim tree found in the Sinai region.

bush in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BUSH . Mark 12:26; Luke 20:37. In these passages reference is made to that section of Scripture in which the account of the burning bush is to be found, and not to the bush itself.

bush in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Exodus 3:2. literally, "out of the midst of the bush," namely, that bush of which Moses often spoke to Israel, "the thorny acacia," a pure Egyptian term, sen'eh, Coptic si heno.