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bra bee bracelet in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BRA BEE BRACE'LET . An ornament (chain or clasp) worn on the arm by Bracelets. (British Museum. From Ayre.) 1. Gold Egyptian Bracelets. 2. Silver Bracelet. 3. Bronze, with Bell attached, taken from Mummy of a Girl. 4. Iron, with Cornelian Setting. 5. Bracelet of Cowries. both sexes. Gen 24:30. Among Eastern princesses it is a badge of royalty, and was probably regarded as such in the time of David. 2 Sam 1:10. The royal bracelet was of much richer materials, and was worn above the elbow; Assyrian Bracelets. (From Nineveh Marbles. Ayre.) the common bracelet was worn on the wrist. Eze 16:11.